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Poison Ivy Relief Jewelweed Soap

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Meet "the soap ladies" Jewelweed soap - your all-natural poison ivy miracle cure. Made with the power of jewelweed, a native plant known for its exceptional ability to soothe and provide itch relief from poison ivy and bug bites. Our unique formula also contains camphor oil, infused to help calm and relieve inflamed, itchy skin. Simply use after potential exposure to poison ivy to remove any residual oils, or apply directly to affected areas for fast-acting relief. Our Jewelweed soap is the perfect addition to your outdoor adventure essentials, providing you with the confidence to explore nature without any fear of pesky irritants. Get your hands on this exceptional handmade soap and experience the natural healing power of Jewelweed today!

Appr 4.5oz

Ingredients: water, lye (sodium hydroxide), coconut oil, lard, olive oil, castor oil, hempseed oil, jewelweed (Impatiens capensis), camphor essential oil


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