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Custom Ordering

Looking for a personal and unique gift idea? 

Need favors for a bridal or baby shower?

Just want a recipe all to yourself?


Why not place a custom order!  Email us at or click on the "Let's Chat" link below, and let's talk about it.  We can even put together a special gift package from our existing inventory collection, or create a whole new batch just for you.*

As a general guideline, custom batch orders are best done in a standard "loaf" or "slab" type mold and then cut into bars.  While we do use some small individual molds, soap batter can misbehave with the addition of some colorants and scents, and this can lead to unpredictable results.

*Custom orders and gift packages that are not comprised of existing inventory/ingredients will require an 8 week lead time to allow for any special ingredient orders, as well as the actual creation and curing of the soap itself.  You will be advised of any delay in delivery due to unavailability of special order ingredients BEFORE purchase. A 50% DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED FOR ALL CUSTOM ORDERS

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