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Gardeners and Mechanic Soap for Dry / Rough Hands

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Introducing our ultimate solution for hardworking hands – the Gardeners and Mechanic Soap! Specially crafted for mechanics, gardeners, farmers, and anyone who faces the toughest dirt and grease.


Formulated with the power of pumice, this soap effortlessly tackles even the most stubborn grime, leaving your hands squeaky clean. Don’t believe us? Put a bar next to your shop sink and watch the dirt and grease come off your hands right there!


But it doesn't stop there! Infused with the enchanting scents of rosemary, lemon, and lavender oils, it also works to soothe and refresh your tired hands, banishing any unwanted odors.


Don't let a hard day's work take a toll on your hands. Experience the transformative difference of our Gardeners and Mechanics Soap – your go-to companion for clean, revitalized hands. Embrace the joy of impeccably clean hands and the enticing fragrance that lingers long after you've washed away the dirt.


Upgrade your hand care routine today!


Appr. 4.5 ounces

Ingredients: water, lye, coconut oil, lard, olive oil, avocado oil, castor oil, sea clay, alfalfa powder, pumice, rosemary, lemon, litsea, and lavender essential oils

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