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Green Tea and Cucumber Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

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Immerse yourself in the refreshing fusion of soothing green tea and crisp cucumber with the Green Tea & Cucumber Sugar Scrub by Echo Valley Farms. This luxurious scrub combines the invigorating scent of freshly-steeped green tea with the revitalizing essence of cucumber, creating a delightful sensory experience. Enriched with moisturizing oils and exfoliating sugar crystals, this scrub gently buffs away dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and radiant.

Perfect for exfoliating and moisturizing, our Green Tea & Cucumber Sugar Scrub provides a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering session and unveil skin that feels refreshed, renewed, and irresistibly smooth with Echo Valley Farms’' Green Tea & Cucumber Sugar Scrub.


Echo Valley Farm is a local, organic farm in Hampstead, Maryland.


Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, sweet almond oil, organic coconut oil, emulsifying wax, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, stearic acid, bees wax, fragrance, preservative, mica powder

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