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Blood Orange & Cinnamon

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Unleash the invigorating burst of our Blood Orange & Cinnamon handmade soap – a dynamic duo that doesn't just clean but transforms your shower into a citrusy symphony with a dash of spice. Picture this: a burst of bright blood orange meets the warmth of aromatic cinnamon, creating a shower experience so delightful, you'll be tempted to linger.

Beyond the amazing scent, this soap is a skincare superhero. Infused with the anti-inflammatory might of blood orange, it's your secret weapon against redness and irritation. Plus, its vitamin C-packed punch promotes collagen production, ensuring your skin looks as radiant as your shower feels. 

At Goose Ridge, we're all about natural goodness, so our handmade soaps are a treat your skin deserves. Indulge in the vibrant dance of Blood Orange Cinnamon, because a sensational shower and glowing skin should be part of your daily routine. Try it – your shower game will thank you!

Ingredients:  water, lye, coconut oil, lard, olive oil, hempseed oil, castor oil, rosehips powder, blood orange, litsea, cinnamon leaf, and benzoin essential oils

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