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Why Use a Natural Shampoo Bar?

Why not? What's stopping you? Is is fear of the unknown? Do you think your hair requires expensive salon products in order to be happy and healthy? Maybe you've never even heard of a Natural Shampoo Bar before....

We get it! We really do. Trying anything new, especially when it comes to your hair can be scary and intimidating. Hopefully this little article can shed some light onto the mystery of a Natural Shampoo Bar (cue spooky music).

What IS a Natural Shampoo Bar???

Well, in a nutshell, it is cold process soap for your hair. Before you freak out and think "SOAP?! In my HAIR???!!!" Let's talk about cold process soap a little...

If you're at Goose Ridge Soaps looking at shampoo bars, you've probably already tried at least one of our soaps. How did it feel when you used it? If you had never used cold process soap before, did you notice that it didn't leave your skin feeling tight and dry like the store bought stuff did? That is because we don't use chemical detergents, preservatives, and lather stabilizers in our soap. We also don't remove the naturally occurring glycerin out of our soap so we can make lotion to sell you when your skin feels all tight, dry, and itchy after you wash....sense some corporate marketing schemes here? Yeah, that is what happens with mass produced, store bought "soaps"! You are, in essence, washing your skin with a bunch of chemical detergents. YUCK!

Your skin and hair are all part of the same organ system, and need a lot of the same things. Honestly when you wash your "hair", the only part that should really be getting washed is your scalp. That is where the oils, dirt, and build up live. Those ickies can't vacate the premises as easily as the same things found on your hands or face, the hair traps it there. need to clean the gross stuff off your skin, that is basically buried under your hair, right? WITH SOAP (or in other words, a Natural Shampoo Bar).

Just like our regular cold process soap bars, we formulate our Natural Shampoo Bars to be gently, but effectively cleansing without stripping your scalp of it's natural oils via harsh chemical detergents. When chemical detergents are used on your scalp, just like your skin, they can leave your hair feeling dry, or even excessively oily as your body works overtime to replenish the natural oils that were stripped out. Which many times can lead you down the path of trying seven bazillion differently formulated chemical products to try to fix the problems those chemicals created in the first place! It is a vicious cycle that the hair care industry banks on.

The Natural Shampoo Bars at Goose Ridge Soaps are made to be used as often or as infrequently as you feel comfortable. There are NO chemical detergents, NO chemical foaming agents, NO chemical lathering agents, NO artificial fragrances, NO artificial colorants, and NO preservatives used. We choose every ingredient for it's unique natural contributions to give our shampoo bars their properties. You may find after using a Natural Shampoo Bar, that your scalp doesn't need to be washed every day. As a matter of fact, a lot of people find they only have to wash once a week, and just get their hair wet and/or condition their ENDS in between.

Ok, Ok, it's natural, great reason in and of itself, but why else should you consider using a Natural Shampoo Bar?

  1. Less waste - no plastic bottle packaging means no waste!
  2. More cost effective - less frequent shampooing means less money spent
  3. Less overall need for "products" - less frequent shampooing and no harsh chemicals can lead to an overall healthier scalp; and a healthier scalp means less need for all kinds of products to "fix" problems
  4. It's just cool - I mean, ALL the cool kids are doing it these days.......

There is a world of information out there on the interwebs, we encourage you read and research your heart out, and give our Natural Shampoo Bars a try!


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