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The Dynamic Duo - A Natural Set for Hardworking Hands

So you like to wrench on cars? Dig in the dirt? Build with your bare hands? Shoot some rounds down range?

We use and abuse our hands daily. Maybe your hobbies beat up your hands, maybe it's your profession. Often times, it's both! How many times have you reached for that heavy duty hand cleaner in the big orange jug? Or maybe it was that bar of stuff that has the picture of the volcano on the package? And how many times did those cleansers leave your hands cracked, dried out, irritated and smelling worse than if you'd just left all that grime on them in the first place?

LET US SAVE YOUR MANGLED MITTS!! If you have never tried this dynamic duo for your hardworking hands, please allow us to introduce our:

Gardener's and Mechanics Soap

This all natural bar is made with pumice and sea clay to help scrub away grease and grime after the dirtiest days work (or play). It also contains avocado oil to help nourish skin and a blend of essential oils to help remove odor.

Solid Lotion Bar

Use this amazing bar to help soothe dry, cracked skin and seal in moisture. It's made with locally sourced beeswax, olive oil and shea butter and will keep your hands feeling hydrated LONG after other regular lotions wear off. It is also fragrance free!

Dynamic Duo Set for hardworking hands

This set includes a bar of our Gardeners and Mechanics Soap and a Solid Lotion Bar in a refillable tin, and is packaged in a reusable muslin bag. Good for holding nuts and bolts, spent brass, seeds, straining liquids, or hundreds of other uses.

Ditch those other nasty smelling harsh products, and take care of the hands that work so hard for you. Try the all natural DYNAMIC DUO today!


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