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Introducing Whetstone, our newest all-over exfoliating handmade bar soap. This delightful bar is crafted to provide both a refreshing scent and freshly exfoliated skin, making it a must-have addition to your shower and skincare routine.

Whetstone combines the scrubbing power of pumice powder with the invigorating scents of cedarwood and lemongrass. Its unique color comes from all-natural ingredients, giving it a distinct look. Just as a whetstone keeps your kitchen knives sharp, this soap will keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

At Goose Ridge Soaps, we believe in simplicity and purity. Our natural products are always gentle on your skin and lovingly handmade. Treat yourself to Whetstone and experience the difference of natural, handcrafted soap by Goose Ridge Soaps.


Ingredients: water, lye, coconut oil, lard, olive oil, hempseed oil, castor oil, indigo powder, cedarwood and lemongrass essential oils

Appr 4.5 oz

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