VERSATILE FACIAL OIL (1 oz $13, 2oz $20)

VERSATILE FACIAL OIL (1 oz $13, 2oz $20)

We call this facial oil recipe "VERSATILE" because it is good for any skin type. This oil absorbs quickly and will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated without clogging pores or feeling heavy.   Sunflower oil (high in vitamin E), argan oil, and grapeseed oils are all infused with our home grown calendula to promote healthy skin.  Orange essential oil is added to provide antioxidant benefits.  Use in place of your regular moisturizer after cleansing with one of our facial bars.

Available in two sizes, 1 ounce and 2 ounce bottles.


    Calendula infused sunflower, argan, and grapeseed oil, orange essential oil